November 1st, 2005


G'wan -- *everybody* does it!

After reading and enjoying several friends' livejournals for some time now, and thinking about starting one forever, I'm finally going to take a stab at it. I always resisted because, between my writing job and being a dad, my spare time is practically nonexistent as it is, and the prospect of getting another distracting obsession makes me nervous. It's like "Hey, try this crack! Naw, you won't get hooked!" I also didn't like the idea of starting one and neglecting it, so that my empty, abandoned livejournal page would haunt the internet like a murder-house. I have the *intention* of updating regularly -- we'll just have to see if I can measure up.

The other burning question, of course, is: what will my livejournal nickname be? What pseudonym could I concoct that expresses my true essence with self-deprecating wit? It reminds me of how, in the 1970s, my family had a C.B. radio in our station wagon, and the agony of coming up with an appropriate "handle." None ever stuck (although I think I was "Wildcat" for a beach trip or two. I can't remember anyone else's).

Rather than obsess over it, I throw up my hands and make it known that in this journal, "Curt Holman" will heretofore be known as curt_holman. (It reminds me of the case of e.e. cummings, who, as one of my high school English teachers said, believed that no human individual was so important as to warrant having a name that drew attention to itself with capital letters, and so gave him a name that drew attention to itself with no capital letters. I only know that second-hand, though, so I apologize if I misrepresent the moniker-motivations of e.e. cummings.)

By the way, Creative Loafing on-line gets updated every Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, so I'll have new stuff in the Arts and Flicks section every week (and occasionally elsewhere), so you can check out other things I've been doing at:

Otherwise, I hope to provide fun/useful/pointless updates whenever I think of them. I hope you enjoy your visits here. Vote early and vote often.
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