November 2nd, 2005



A year or two ago I used to collect the "sender" names of various spam/phishing e-mail messages we'd receive. Two of my favorites were "Moses Dejesus" and "Brain Pope" (Brain Pope would be a pretty good internet handle for me, come to think of it). There seemed to be a trend among spammers at the time to have names that were transparently bogus -- I'm not sure what the reasoning was. "Oh, Bathsheba Shin has a cable descrambler to sell me -- that sounds legitimate."

Lots of them (and some of them seem to have returned) would have two bizarre names, linked by an initial, 'Jesus H. Crutch' style). Here are some that I saved:

Encrust J. Maverick
Jazz O. Annoy
Snide Q. Fourscore
Nonskid R. Reveling
Sauced A. Bulkiness
Spongiest D. Bastards
Epitome E. Barbados
Pillaging U. Turnkey
Locus B. Unbeknown
Paddle B. Ladyfinger
Mohammed C. Smiley
Rectification F. Hiccups
Blockhouse T. Skydiving
Strangulated D. Stickies
Voluptuous F. Cod
Intermission I. Shined
Molasses T. Serengeti
Motherfucker R. Sector
Hairpieces D. Confederations