November 8th, 2005


On the good ship Garbage Scow

So I found the vidyatape.

I had a dream this morning that the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' tape was in one of our cars -- but that must have been my subconscious trying to screw me over because I just recovered it. From the *trash.* Garbage pick-up is today, but before I put the Herbie on the street, I removed two sacks of kitchen garbage we threw out Sunday, on the seemingly-remote chance that I accidentally threw the tape away. And sure enough, after pawing through bits of rubbish for seemingly endless seconds, I discovered that *somebody* did. My feelings of triumph at finding it are mitigated by my confusion as to how it got there. Whether the culprit was me in a freakish fit of absent-mindedness, goudabonbon in a secret,'Gaslight'-esque campaign to drive me mad or Sweetness in a no-doubt innocent act of mischief, the world will never know. All scenarios strike me as equally unlikely. I should rush it back to the library before I, say, throw it in the creek in our backyard for no good reason.

I Imdb'd 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest,' next summer's sequel, and saw that Bill Nighy has been apparently cast as Davy Jones. Presumably not the one with the Monkees, but the one with the locker.
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Promotion, self and otherwise

Earlier today I recorded a couple of "Air Loaf" segments. They are on Atlanta's Air America affiliate, 1690 AM. I've done something like one a week since spring (one of the first was 'Revenge of the Sith') and I "hosted" it one week when Ken, the regular host (and 'Creative Loafing' editor) was on vacation. 'Air Loaf' segments air at 7 a.m., Noon, 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Mondays-Fridays (and we seem to be working on a long format show on weekends that I've yet to participate in). I don't know if this is something a person can listen to over the internet or not.

A coupla weeks ago my friend Phillip, author, teacher and all-round Renaissance guy, invited me to Clayton State University for 'An Evening With Curt Holman.' He runs the theater program there and builds events around people involved with the performing arts and talking to them on-stage, 'Inside the Actor's Studio' style. I can talk about that in more detail later, but someone asked me during the Q&A part if I've ever been an actor or theater-person. And apart from a stint as a set-changer for a Town & Gown production of Tom Stoppard's 'The Real Thing' in Athens, the answer is no.

But I must admit I do like playing pundit. I very much enjoyed being on 'Good Day in Atlanta' talking about the Oscars several years in a row, and I like doing 'Air Loaf.' The appeal seems less the notoreity they bring as the 'it's-showtime-folks' adrenaline I get when I'm on the air, or recording something to go on the air later. I think it's something comparable (but more modest) than the excitement actors say they feel about being on stage.

Not that I think I'm that *great* at them. I'm encouraged to sound conversational and extemperaneous, as opposed to reading from a script, so while I think I can state a pretty good case, sometimes I'm loose to the point where I'm not even sure I'm finishing my sentences. And sometimes I'll use turns of phrase improperly: when I talked about Jake Gyllenhaal's near mental breakdown in 'Jarhead' last week, I described him as "going around the deep end." (Which, I guess, might be even worse than going off the deep end.) But Ken and I seem to be in a groove with them, and usually we record them in a single take.

My new Air Loafs (Air Loaves?) cover the Out on Film Festival, airing tomorrow (Wednesday the 9th) and the Johnny Cash biopic 'Walk the Line' airing Monday (the 14th). On the Out on Film segment I was happy to be able to plug moroccomole's upcoming event at the Festival: he'll introduce a screening of 'Paris is Burning' and sign copies of his new book, '101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men.' You can find out more about him at his spanking new website (I use the word "spanking" to refer to how new it is -- and for no other reason. I want to be really clear on that.)
I've known moroccomole for literally 20 years (we met at the Vanderbilt student newspaper when I was Arts Editor and he was a freshman writing a review of 'Stop Making Sense'), we were in each other's weddings, and needless to say, we're all proud of him fit to bust.

In the radio spot I think I forgot to specify *when* his signing will be, though, which probably would have been helpful (remember what I said about the being loose?). It's Sunday the 13th, 3:30 p.m. at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.
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