November 14th, 2005


I'm Gonna Friend You, Sucka!

moroccomole was in town this weekend. Friday night the plan was for him to come over to our house, and the three of us would take him some where for dinner. We gave him directions to our house from one of his in-town siblings via I-85 Northbound, and somehow he got on *I-75* Northbound, realized his mistake and called us when he was seeing I-575, turned around at Kennesaw, and had to come to our house via top-end 285. All this between 6 and 7:30 p.m. on a Friday. If he'd *tried* to make a tour of Atlanta's worst traffic spots, he couldn't have chosen better. Welcome to the ATL, bee-yatch!
But while he was en route I dashed out and got ribs from Pig N Chick, so we could welcome the weary traveler with BBQ sauce and beer when he arrived.
(BTW, I'm very happy there's a Pig N Chick in our neighborhood, Atlanta being a surprisingly poor city for inexpensive BBQ -- there are plenty of okay places, but almost no *good* ones. I hate thinking of Houston's as having the best BBQ ribs in the city -- Pig N Chick is long overdue.)
Had fun squiring moroccomole around for a coupla hours today -- took him by Savage Pizza (for the comic book influenced decor as much for the yummy pizza), Oxford Comics and Outwrite Books, where he bought and signed a copy of his book for me. And I discovered I'm on the Acknowledgments page! I feel like Steve Martin's Navin Johnson in 'The Jerk' when he gets all excited that the new phone books are in, and his name's in them. (Ironically, moroccomole hasn't SEEN 'The Jerk,' so the reference will be lost on him.)
It's interesting delving a little more into the livejournal community and the stuff I can do with the blog. Like, I can put on my "Friends" list people who not only aren't my friends, but have no idea who I am. It's apparently no violation of blogging etiquette to do so, even if it's someone who's semi-famous. So I'm taking the liberty of Friending docbrite and evandorkin, even though they don't know me from Adam.
Well, docbrite might possibly: she's writer Poppy Z. Brite, who used to write exclusively horror and now writes wonderful fiction set in and around New Orleans' restaurant industry. The novel 'Liquor,' is GREAT and funny and insider-y, and it's follow-up 'Prime,' from earlire this year, is also fun. I reviewed 'Prime' for "Creative Loafing's' food section earlier this year. Her blog is great -- she updates a lot and in great detail, so she offers lots of hilarious, self-deprecating stories about herself, as well as more serious stuff about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (Ironically, although I often read horror fiction, I've never read her horror stuff: I discovered her -- along with another new favorite, China Mieville, in 'McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories.')
evandorkin is a savagely funny writer of the comic book 'Dork' and other comics and animated projects. I hope a new 'Dork' comes out soon.
The cool thing about the livejournal Friends page is that it posts your Friends' entries in chronological order. I looked at moroccomole's Friends page and was amazed: he's got scores and scores of Friends, many of whom also live in the LA area, so reading the page isn't just like reading a diary, it's like reading this sprawling COMMUNITY of diaries, some of whom refer to each other (ex. I saw several mentioning "I went to moroccomole's book-signing last night, etc." It's like getting a glimpse of one of those innumerable movies set in Los Angeles about a cast of unrelated but interconnected cast of characters (Short Cuts Magnolia Two Days in the Valley Crash Happy Endings etc.). Or maybe it's a 21st century paradigm of human interaction. One of the two, definitely.
So the moral is, if you don't have a blog but have several lower-case-f friends on livejournal (or people who you don't know but who have blogs you like to read), it's worth your while to log onto livejournal for the SOLE purpose of establishing a Friends page: that way you have a one-stop way of seeing when they update.
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I shouldn't laugh...

... but there's an inadvertently hilarious line in 'The Runaway Bunny.' I was re-reading the classic picture book (from the creators of 'Goodnight Moon') to Sweetness earlier this evening. If you don't remember the premise, a young bunny wants to run away, and claims he'll turn into things to get away from his mother, and his mother, in turn, turns into other things to catch up with him.
The little bunny says "I will become a little sailboat, and I will sail away from you."
"If you beocme a sailboat and sail away from me," said his mother, "I will become the wind and blow you where I want you to go."
And the little bunny says "If you become the wind and blow me..."

Which sounds like a rejoinder like "Why don't you become a tree and leave?" (Or the classic variation from 'Back to the Future,' "Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?")