November 21st, 2005


Ashcan Bandido & Buffalo Soldier

It's a cold, wet, nasty evening. About half an hour ago, Sweetness spotted a small raccoon on our back deck. It's presence isn't exactly a shock -- Sweetness and goudabonbon left some spilled popcorn near the sliding glass door out there a few days ago, so it's probably more surprising that other woodland creatures haven't been hanging out. According to her mother, Sweetness said "Wha's that? It's a rac-coon!"

In cold weather goudabonbon likes to make a messa chili, and over the weekend she made some with ground buffalo meat. We've had buffalo in the past, both at home and at Ted's Montana Grill (my mother-in-law likes to go to the one in Gwinnett -- great onion rings). I think buffalo is fine -- it's not better than beef, but it's not majorly worse than beef either.

Whenever I eat buffalo, though, I have to wonder: when did it become okay to eat buffalo? Weren't they on the verge of extinction not so long ago? (The first 'Star Trek' episode ever aired even mentioned the extinction of the buffalo.) So the buffalo population had been reduced to tiny numbers... and now there are so many buffalo around that we can just EAT them with impunity? So many that Jane Fonda is okay with building theme restaurants around them? (Although you get a sense that she went along with a lot when she was married to Ted Turner.) Did buffalo sanctuaries make smooth transitions to ranches to slaughterhouses? (One imagines the buffalo standing in the pastures, watching big machines with rotating knives being wheeled into the barn.) Seriously, what happened? Were reports of the buffalo's imminent demise greatly exaggerated? Were we guilt-tripped to bless the beasts and the children unnecessarily? I don't get it.
I was going on in this matter with goudabonbon the other night, and said "They USED to be endangered..."
"... and now they're on sale!" she completed.
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