November 26th, 2005


a hoe and a large glass of water

The special "Ad Insert" issue of 'The New Yorker' (which they euphemistically refer to as 'The Cartoon Issue') arrived today. After I ripped out the CD-Rom promoting the Rent movie and the myriad other exhortations to buy stuff cluttering the magazine, I noticed that Christopher Buckley contributed a piece in the form of bogus essay from a college entrance application. That reminded me of a piece of humor writing that I dearly love, which I read in 'Harper's,' I believe, probably around 15 years ago. Wouldn't you know, it's on the internet in numerous places, one of which is here.

goudabonbon referred to me as "dude" in Sweetness's presence earlier today, and Sweetness is at exactly the age when she can hear something and have it stick (but almost never anything you WANT to stick). So she sporadically called me that this morning, and when I was putting her in the car seat to take her to the library and a park this afternoon, she said "Hey, dude!" I've got a bad feeling about this.