December 3rd, 2005


Twenty-Four Hours

I had an active 24 hours yesterday, starting at 9 p.m. Thursday night. I actually thought about blogging it in an hourly fashion, a la the show '24,' but my entries from Midnight through 7 a.m. all would've read "Slept." (Except for the parts between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m. when I settled-down a fitful Sweetness, and put the cats both outside.)
1. Had a 10 p.m. Thursday screening of 'Aeon Flux' at Atlantic Station. When there's no advance screening of a film except for the night before opening day (particularly LATE the night before), the studio may as well change the title to "It Stinks! The Movie." I remember when they released 'The Avengers' that way, some flack said "We wanted the critics to discover the film with the audience." Yeah, so we could all discover how much it sucks TOGETHER. (Actually 'Aeon Flux' is comparable to the 'Avengers,' in that both have some good visual ideas and some appropriately-cast actors. They do indeed suck, but with the same resources, they didn't HAVE to.)

It was my first visit to the Atlantic Station 16 theater at the mixed-use open-air mall Atlantic Station. It seemed pleasant enough (although with no big bookstore, it's not much of a draw for the likes of me. Assuming there ARE "likes of me"), but parking was confusing. There's a big parking lot with cutesy designations like "Theater District" and "Central Park" under the shops and movie theater, but it'll take me a while to figure out where the best parking is. The first two hours are free -- and, since I got there at 9:35 p.m., and I knew the 93 minute movie started at 10 p.m., I knew I'd be cutting it close. It would be my own Aeon Flux-like race-against-time.

But someone told me you could validate your ticket at freestanding stamps inside the movie theater, which give you an extra three hours (or maybe just a full three hours, I didn't quite get it). It was important to know, because you can't pay where you exit -- the exit kiosks are automated (Maybe you can pay with a debit/credit card, I don't know.) Apparently there are cash payment kiosks topside, but it seems to be a recipe for massive bottlenecks and confusion. Especially because, on the way out, they had a poor soul telling drivers the proper way to insert the ticket, since the instructions ON the ticket were erroneous.

They had one of those annoying radio station giveaways before the screening started, but it had a genuinely funny moment. The radio DJ/host guy (I think it was "Aaron" from 99X, who seems to have a real hostile edge at these things. Sometimes DJs seem to equate being "funny" with being an "asshole") had an impromptu Aeon Flux lookalike contest, and the volunteers were a pudgy white guy in a Revenge of the Sith t-shirt, and pudgy African-American guy, and a non-pudgy African-American woman. She won, but the guys amusingly played into the absurdity of their own participation.

2. Saw 'Brokeback Mountain' at Landmark at 10 a.m. Kinda slow in the second half, but quite good.
3. Had lunch at Radial Cafe with an artistic director of a playhouse in Inman Park.
4. Went to the office and wrote up my review of 'Aeon Flux.'
5. Came home and helped goudabonbon clean the foreleg of our cat Lyle, who was bleeding profusely from a wound above his paw (read the gory details here).
He seems okay now, but we're going to keep an eye on him. Maybe I should buy a shotgun just in case we face an "Ol' Yeller" type of situation.
6. Took Sweetness for a quick visit to a playground and her grandmother's (where I picked up the tape of this week's 'Lost' episode). The sun was already setting and it was getting cold, so we didn't stay long.
6. Read 'Capote in Kansas,' a graphic novel about essentially the same material of the movie 'Capote' (which I saw Wednesday). The timing is terrible for the graphic novel, because the movie's better in every possible way, so it really suffers by comparison.
7. Saw 'Dick and Carol' at PushPush Theater in Decatur; it was their annual Christmas show, which tends to be ABOUT a theater putting on 'A Christmas Carol.' This was a new one and had some clever, funny ideas (the Scrooge-esque actor/theater manager justifies being stingy by saying "We're a not-for-profit! WE'RE the charity!") but got pretty confusing.
8. Got home a little after 10 p.m. Friday and had my usual wind-down-after-a-show ritual of reading and eating a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Raisin cereal.
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