December 4th, 2005


Bad and good

Holy crap! Last night I got back from seeing Jack in the Black Box Theatre's 'Animal Farm,' walked into the kitchen and goudabonbon told me that our five-month-old nephew was in the hospital with meningitis! He apparently hadn't been eating and had a high fever that the doctors couldn't identify. When they figured out it was meningitis, they had to give him a spinal tap! At last word they didn't know exactly what kind of meningitis it was (bacterial is rare and serious; viral is less rare and more treatable), and I know my sister- and brother-in-law are having a hard waiting game. goudabonbon's on her way this morning to help out while I keep Sweetness occupied.

Compared to that, this news will seem even more trivial than it otherwise would; the New York Times Book Review's Best Books of the Year piece is out here.
To me it's the first sign of that the end-of-the-year awards/retrospective season has begun.
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When what to my wondering eyes should appear

Sweetness met Santa yesterday -- sort of. The Methodist Church that has Sweetness' preschool had a 'Breakfast with Santa' event Saturday morning, so the three of us went. I referred to it as "A Fund-raising Breakfast with Santa" or a "$4 a plate Prayer Breakfast with Santa," a la presidential campaign events, so often that that goudabonbon had to tell me to stop.

It was very pleasant but pretty low-key compared to all the foofaraw that surrounds "Meet the REAL Santa" at Phipps Plaza, where the parents have to make reservations to get a place in line and all that. We have a picture of Sweetness with Santa from about two years ago that I'm sure she doesn't remember -- St. Nick is sort of propping her up. At 3, Sweetness is still a little young and shy about Santa -- even though she was excited about meeting Santa and announcing that she wanted "new blue ballet shoes," she balked at sitting on his lap, or even LOOKING at him, when the time came. We got a picture of her sorta sitting next to him, with me sitting on the arm rest of the makeshift Santa throne, Sweetness with a grim expression on her face. We also got pictures of Sweetness in the same frame as Santa when we was reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas' to the assembled kids. So we have documentary evidence that we took her to see Santa this year, in case it comes up in some kind of future legal matter.

But there was music and good breakfast (Honeybaked Ham and Starbucks were among the donors). goudabonbon helped Sweetness make some ornaments at the crafts table, and I put some Christmas-themed temporary tattoos on the backs of her hands. (Because it's not Christmas without tattoos.) Fortunately there were none of those small-of-the-back tattoos for kids (that I know about). That would've been disturbing.

Yesterday I got our Christmas stuff out of the attic, which involves getting out the ladder and standing or sitting on the places that clearly read "Do Not Stand Or Sit." I did it while goudabonbon and Sweetness were running errands, so in case I fell crashing to the floor, no one would hear my pleas for help or a mercy killing. Somehow we've accumulated 7-8 boxes of Christmas stuff (at least I THINK it's all Christmas stuff), to say nothing of the holiday gift wrap.

More on Christmas later...