December 12th, 2005



I was sick today -- a strain of some kind of stomach flu has been moving through the household. Thursday night it hit goudabonbon like a ton of bricks, and it took several days for her to feel better. I got what appears to have been a milder case of it, but it still necessitated me spending the better part of last night going to and from the necessary room. (It also prevented me from enjoying the kitschy family tradition of going to the Drive-Thru Nativity Scene last night at the corner of Clairmont and North Druid Hills.) Spent much of today in bed feeling queasy and head-achey (but better than during the night, when I was feverish and had a stomach ache -- it was like I had something bulky but flexible, like a sheaf of paper, in an intestine). Whenever I'm too sick to work, I also tend to be too sick to read or watch TV -- so what's the fun in being sick?
Got some appetite back by dinner, though, and had a second helping of hot, cheesy grits.
We're crossing our fingers that Sweetness doesn't get it. Theoretically, SHE gave it to us, but she hasn't had the symptoms yet, so we're bracing ourself for her coming down with it.

We watched 'Humanization of the Penguins' -- sorry, I mean 'March of the Penguins' this weekend. Didn't quite do it for me, but it's quite an accomplishment and I can see how people would fall under its spell. goudabonbon and I had fun pointing out how shamelessly it anthropomophizes (sic?) the penguins. At one point Morgan Freeman mentions that some penguin or other may die "at the hands of a predator" and she pointed out that technically, none of the seals or gulls who prey on penguins HAVE hands. Unless they're even more formidable than they look.
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