December 14th, 2005


"Thunderbolt Android Realistic"

Hey: The Onion's Cheap Toy Roundup 2005 is frickin' hilarious!

And it was especially welcome today, because:
1. This morning I saw the new Jennifer Aniston movie, in which it was all I could do not to stretch out on the floor of the movie theater, so as not to look upon the screen anymore; and
2. I've had a sporadic toothache since last night. My teeth have been a little sensitive lately, but one of my lower right molars started feeling downright sore. It feels fine now, but that might just be the non-aspirin talking.

Early today I had a brief visit with goudabonbon and Sweetness en route from I think the telephone back to the office. After giving Sweetness a short but vigorous horsey ride (while sinking the Bonanza theme, of course), I headed back to work. goudabonbon said "Back to the salt mines," and Sweetness echoed "Back to the salt mines!" too.