December 26th, 2005


The Joy of Getting

Had a nice Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day -- having the day AFTER Christmas be the holiday gives you the day to decompress.

In terms of what I received, I did surprisingly well with PRACTICAL presents this year. I got a great scarf from goudabonbon's aunt & her family (much needed, because the movie-tie-in scarves from 'Everest' and Joe Gould's Secret' that I'd been wearing seem to have vanished); a pair of jeans and a couple of shirts from the 'rents; another shirt from and a pair of sunglasses from goudabonbon -- the sunglasses are especially appreciated because I BROKE my last remaining pair about three months ago, and the new ones appear to be more stylish. Even got a talking pedometer from my parents, which is cool because I've always wanted one (well, maybe not a TALKING one), but it never occurred to me to ask for or seek one out.

Got some good frivolous stuff too. goudabonbon also gave me the story collection 'Looking for Jake' by China Mieville (how did she know?); my sister's family gave me the Revenge of the Sith DVD -- which came with the bonus of a Target Exclusive Limited Edition Collectible Coin, which I gave to Sweetness to keep in her piggy bank, so she can have Darth Vader amidst the dimes and nickles.

I gave goudabonbon the 'Desperate Housewives' Season 1 DVD set; neither of us have seen the show much, but I was very confident she'd like it. She was actually a little ambivalent about it at first -- in that "Oh great, you got me a box of highly addictive crack" sort of way. But during Sweetness's nap Christmas day, goudabonbon went from not wanting to watch the show, to not wanting to STOP watching the show.

Sweetness got lots of ballerina/fairy themed items -- new ballet shoes (which is what she SAID she wanted all month -- really), some 'Angelina Ballerina' stuff from my sister's family; a not-obnoxious fairy-type doll with flower bed, leaf blanket, etc. from her grandparents; a sleeping bag (BIG hit); a soccer ball; a wooden toy train; a bunch of books, including the latest 'Owly' book (a wonderful, family-friendly, dialogue-free series of graphic novels from Marietta's Top Shelf); and other stuff. Although I must say her toys seemed almost TOO sane and sensible -- I think she needed at least one toy that makes some kind of noise or emits some kind of disorienting light, just to give Christmas morning a little more razzmatazz. (We'll actually probably end up exchanging something, and I think we should get her some kind of fire truck with extension ladder.)

Then goudabonbon's mother came over and we gorged ourselves on home-made cran muffins, home-made biscuits, honey-baked ham, cheese grits, scrambled eggs and bacon.

We observed a couple of traditions Christmas Day. Sweetness ended up watching some of 'A Christmas Story' on Channel 17, which I think airs it 24 hours straight. We also have it on tape and she watched some of it a few weeks ago, and was fascinated. There's a few curse words though (one of Ralphie's friends says something like "Hiya, Smartass!") and some parts (like the brusque, quasi-surreal department store Santa Claus scene) seem like they'd be a little intense for her -- but she watched them unfazed.

Also, in honor of the first night of Hannukah, we decided to get Chinese take-out for dinner. We went to Little Szechuan and got their Stir-Fried String Beans (which goudabonbon especially likes when she's been feeling vegetable-deficient over a couple of days) and one of their best entrees, Shrimp With Young Yellow Chives. (Those shrimp.. so tender... those chives... so succulent...) They even threw in a couple of egg rolls for free. Sweetness tucked into those chives and rice like a horse.
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