December 31st, 2005


Half-Pint Houdini

Of course, after I blog/brag that Sweetness has slept until after 7 all week, naturally she decides to bop out of bed at a whisker after 6 a.m. this morning.

Speaking of which, I put a chain-lock on our front door today. Not for protection in terms of keeping ruffians out, but for keeping Sweetness IN. We have these child-proofing knobs on our kitchen and front door (they're sort of like the knob equivalent of a child-proof lid of a bottle of pain relief caplets), but recently we discovered, to our horror and amazement, that Sweetness could circumvent it it somehow and OPEN THE FRONT DOOR BY HERSELF. goudabonbon can attest to the surprise of looking out the kitchen window at the front yard and exclaiming "Say, that looks just like our daughter wandering over into the neighbor's yard."

Not that we really think it'll stop her for long. Eventually she'll figure out how to drag a chair over and unlock it herself. While I was putting the lock in place, I had my back to her as she dragged a chair over to the bookcase, took my WALLET down from the second-to-uppermost shelf, and rifled through it back to her room. The chain won't be, in the long run, much of a challenge for her: it's ultimately more of a rattly alarm system to notify us that she's TRYING to get out.

Oh, one other thing about watching 'The 40 Year-Old Virgin' again: I never fail to be impressed -- and even sort of grateful -- at the ending. I admire their restraint and confidence to, in effect, save their best joke for the end, and not undermine it.

But what will they do for a sequel?
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